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Mondello is a small seaside resort with a wonderful beach just a short bus ride from the centre of the Sicilian capital Palermo. Mondello is more or less a suburb of the city, and excursions to the sea at Mondello are a ritual for Palermitani. The beach is generally crowded, but there's a sunny holiday atmosphere at Mondello, and like the locals, tourists may wish to take time off from their business of sightseeing, and relax with a few hedonistic hours by the turquoise sea.
The coastline at Mondello used to be marshy and plagued by malaria, so the settlement doesn't have the historic pedigree of other Sicilian towns. It was only at the end of the nineteenth century that the land was subject to improvement schemes; by the early twentieth century a Belgian company began developing property, and wealthy residents of Palermo started buying up the new, elegant 'Liberty-style' villas by the beach. The lines of these villini are still an appealing feature of the town, though many visitors' eyes will be fixed firmly on the sea.

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