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One of the great pleasures of exploring the North Coast of California, is finding the many special beaches and coves that we have never seen before. In the 30 years that we have been visiting the Mendocino, Fort Bragg Coastlines, we NEVER went to Glass Beach, or Pudding Creek. After talking with a local, she suggested that we visit Glass Beach! The last day of our vacation, the Sun came out (of course), and we drove up to glass beach to see what it was all about. It was AMAZING!!!!! So beautiful, so many coves, and wonderful finds on the sand. Lots of Glass gets washed up on the beach there, cobalt, green, white, and after being tossed around by the water and polished by the sand, it looks like little colored diamonds.

We hiked around for a few hours, watched out of control waves crashing about, families and dogs running on the Beach having fun, and we now have a beautiful place to go back to for a future adventure. There was a young couple wandering around collecting rocks, glass, etc. I don't know if they were playing hooky, or just vacationing, but I caught a beautiful moment, of them in front of an amazing back drop!

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