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My Husband, Nick Stellino was born and raised in Palermo, Sicily. Palermo. What a city! The chaos, the traffic, the dense population, but there is much to offer the visitor. The diverse culture is seen in Palermo's architecture, it's cuisine, it's open markets, it's languages. The Sicilians are colorful people! They like to talk, and tell stories, and I believe they are natural comedians as well. If you go to an outdoor coffee house, there will be more than coffee on the menu. Just sit back, and watch life unfold, as the daily ritual begins.

There is much Art, museums, Villas, and monuments. The Historic District is larger than most European cities, and it is slowly being renovated, and re inhabited. There is movement...but change does not come too fast here. I have been visiting Palermo for the last 30 years, and every time I visit, I find something wonderful, that I've never seen before.

The food...it's amazing! The abundance of fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese, and desserts, create a feast for the senses! I am very fond of Sicilian ricotta. Just the mere glance sets me in a tail spin! So, I wonder what adventures await, and what fantastic goodies we will try. What treasures will appear, when I least expect it.

What I love is to get out on the road, and explore the Interior of Sicily. It's so diverse in terms of terrain. It reminds me of California so much, as we share many of the same plants and flora. Rocky pastures lead to hilltop views of the villages and the gorgeous blue Mediterranean Sea. Drive through a small village, and you see Sicilian men in the town square playing cards, woman knitting or mending clothing. It's like driving through the pages of National Geographic Magazine. The Sicilians are closely rooted in the land. The Agriculture is abundant, and the products are pure. It's a wonderful vacation adventure for the adventurous!

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