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Savannah Georgia was quite a surprise! We always wanted to go there, but always found ourselves gravitating to the same wonderful locations we knew we would enjoy. Then...it happened. Let's go to Savannah! Nick is a great Trip planner, but this time he passed on the responsibility to me. I could not fail! Well...there were a few moguls, like a 5 hour lay over in Dallas ( we missed our connecting flight by 3 minutes!), and the stifling heat of 86-92F, with 90% humidity, so you can only imagine. Coming from a semi dry climate, it was shocking! The air was so thick, that the humidity can be seen in some of the photos. We truly fell to the spell of Savannah. Whether it was the magical Giant Oaks with dripping Spanish Moss, or the 20+ town squares, surrounded with the most pristine historical homes, adorned with handsome and intricate detail. Or the slower pace, the walks through the park under the canopy of those gorgeous Oaks, the chats with the locals, the incredible FOOD! Savannah was simply an amazing experience. It is true Southern Charm, respectful, quirky, and mystical.The very famous Bonaventure Cemetery is a sight to be hold. It has strange powers. It is the most beautiful, serene, and social cemetery I have ever seen...amazing!Savannah is one of America's gems...preserved for all to see.
The last day we were in Savannah, the heavens opened up, and a strong storm blew in, bringing hard rain, wind, thunder and lightening...it was quite spectacular. After the rain stopped, we took our final walk through some streets we had not covered, and found some amazing iron work gates, and small glorious gardens. The amount of decorative detail on the homes, the staircase railings, gates and fences is truly amazing. It is so wonderful to see an entire community so in love with it's own city, that everyone makes an effort to do their very best to beautify their properties. Pride is large in Savannah. Here are some photos from our walk. After the rain, the humidity seemed even stronger. It was like cutting through a film, as we strolled our way back to the Hotel. Thank you Savannah, for giving us some rich images, fantastic good, and glorious people!I would definitely recommend a visit to Savannah!

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