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New Orleans is a wonderfully enchanting city. All though it is know as a party town...and they REALLY do know how to party, it is also a city rich in American history, and diverse cultures. It's nick name is The Big Easy, or Nola. It is well known for its distinct French Creole architecture, balconies adorned with giant bouquets of flowers, as well as its cross cultural and multilingual heritage. New Orleans is also famous for its cuisine, music, particularly as the birthplace of jazz, and let us not forget about its annual celebrations and festivals, most notably Mardi Gras. My husband and I were there for Halloween once, and it was an atmosphere like no other. People do party hard, and the street parties become spectator events which entertain the young, the old, and the adventurous!
However, there is a quieter part of the French Quarter which is quite different from the rowdy party's it's so well known for. Take a walk around the French Quarter in the early morning, and you will find beautiful architecture, splashed with amazing colors, magical inner courtyards, and French Antiques galore. The folks are very friendly, entertaining, and wonderful story tellers. In fact, if you start a conversation, then you better be prepared to go the distance! The Food! Well know for their Creole and Cajun style, it is abundant, rich, and satisfying. The crab was the freshest, and best I had every tried, and the restaurants are just charming. The locals frequent the establishments daily, and there is a wonderful scenario of politics played out everyday as the wine is poured, and the Sazerac's are consumed.
I would definitely recommend a trip to Nola. It will not disappoint!!!

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