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Florence is perhaps one of my favorite cities in the world!! I also, have the good fortune of exploring Italy with a native Italian, my husband Nick Stellino (www.nickstellino.com) . It makes for a lot of great conversations! Florence is a very refined city, that attracts me on so many levels. The Tuscan's are very hospitable people. They love to share their knowledge of both food, wine, and history, which makes the meals always a bit more interesting.
They are very attached to the gorgeous landscape which surrounds them, proud of the Art, the Wine, and Food culture of their region. There seems to be an abundance of everything here. Florence has a rich history in textiles. I LOVE the embellishments, the tassels, the cording, the velvets, and silks. They are so beautiful! Then there is Gold, of course...just visit the Ponte Vecchio (one purchase :), and you will get drunk looking at all the jewelry! Visit the Central market, and you will find a myriad of delicious, and tempting foods to taste, and take home with you. It is perhaps, my favorite market place. Art in Florence is displayed not just in the Museums, but in the Architecture as well. Everywhere you span your eyes, there is something beautiful to see. The cozy and inviting little shops, seem like little treasure chests filled with treats, and the artful way in which the items are displayed, makes each little boutique a prize. I also love the color palette here. The city is painted in earthy tones, and the mysterious, and lushly green landscape, make Florence one of the most elegant cities in Italy. It's very inviting, and very warm. The Statuary that adorns the Piazzas are breathtaking and plentiful, and just strolling about the city, brings history alive. I hope that I will be able to visit Florence over and over again during my lifetime...it is a town which reveals something new, every time I visit.

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