About Nanci Stellino

Nanci Stellino

I was born in 1954, and raised in Los Angeles, where I reside with my husband Nick Stellino, and our two gorgeous cats, Luigi and Luca. I have always had a passion for photography. My first camera was a KODAK BROWNIE that my cousin, Steve, gave me as a gift. It was magical. I ran around in my parent's garden and snapped away with great delight, but like most kids, was distracted by a lot of more important things that took me away from photographing...like boys, skateboards, and music!

When I met my husband in 1981, he had just finished taking a photo class at ASU, and was very excited to share one of his passions with me. He had a Canon at the time, and we took a lot of Black and White portraits and landscapes, and spent hours in the Black Room developing our shots and trying to be creative. We were "one of those couples" who shot a ridiculous amount of photos on trips, had volumes of albums of which we would comb through on a rainy day, and revisit our adventures.

It was not until Digital photography was born, that I became really enthusiastic about shooting. Make a mistake, erase it. I loved the concept. I do not profess to be a "professional" photographer by any means. I have actually never taken any instruction. HOWEVER,I do know what I like, and I am drawn in TO the lenses by the beauty of what is before me. I focus on the shot, perhaps a bit too much, but I AM often quite happy with the outcome. Then it happens! You get that one iconic shot out of a hundred SHOTS, and you are on cloud nine! I see the world through my eyes, through my sensitivity. I love to photograph food, flowers, landscapes, animals, as well as rusty nails and leaf cluttered gutters. The way I see it, there is beauty in almost everything, depending on the angle.

I feel so fortunate that I have been able to travel to many places around the world, and capture some amazing images that warm the heart, and feed the soul. I truly hope that you enjoy navigating through my world of images.

Bon Voyage!